Sunday, August 12, 2012

NepShire The Nepali Barn (A Quality Dairy Industry)

Name: NepShire (The Nepali Barn) Pvt. Ltd.


Products: Milk, Cheese, Flavored Yogurt, Cottage Cheese

Vision: Reputed name and happy stakeholders.

Mission Statement:  Work, Maximize and Grow 

Milk is among the most important consumable and marketable commodities of the world with enormous demand in domestic and international market.  Cow, Buffalo and Yak are the main sources of milk in domestic dairy industry whereas it is the cow that is the main source of milk in international market. 
Dairy sector possess potential of additional 3 billion liters of milk with a growth rate faster than any other sector of economy. The scope for export of value added derivatives of milk is also huge especially processed milk market share has increased considerably. Technologically advanced production, processing and storage facilities have made it possible to preserve Milk and its value added products for longer period of time but in Nepal, only around 3% to 5% of total milk production is processed and marketed through formal channels.

•           Livestock products i.e. Milk is the major source of food.
•           Dairy sector has enormous potential for sizeable earnings
•           Dairy sector in Nepal has a really low cost than other milk producing countries
•           Plenty of human resource and manpower availability in dairy farming
•           The villagers do have long tradition of cattle and livestock rearing
•           Large base of cattle for milk production
•           Use of different breed of cow, the Holstein
•           Introduction of new product in Nepali market
•           Introduction of new technologies in the market

Raw milk is used to prepare processed milk and various value added products. Some of them are as follows:

•           Pasteurized Milk
•           UHT Treated Milk
•           Condensed Milk
•           Skim Milk
•           Milk Powder
•           Toned
•           Double Toned
•           Ghee
•           Liquid butter
•           FLAVORED Yogurt
•           Ice Cream
•           Butter
•           Cheese

It is seen that the raw milk could be sold to following target clients:
·        Local people
·        Food Businesses
·        Milk Requiring Companies
·        Contractors
The processed milk and the Dairy products could be sold to:
·        Local People
·        Food oriented Businesses
·        Contractors
·        Retailers

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